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Chandler//Vineland - Amie Ro

June 02, 2017


Chandler and Vineland fix fixie 


THURSDAY// I took a 12 mile ride to my then go-to hangout spot.

Ever since I had moved deeper in the valley I missed this specific intersection of North Hollywood. Located right by the metro station, Chandler and Vineland is the entrance to the Chandler Bikeway which extends east towards Burbank. The bike path itself is flat, short, and quite frankly boring. However, on a personal level, there are more than enough reasons to why this place is still where I go to ride.


Amie Ro Fix Fixie 


THE WAIT// Naturally, this end of the bike path has become a meet up spot for many cyclists. Some waited as they took photos of their bike. Some smoked a bowl, some conversed, and some dropped chocolate covered strawberries on the ground.

Here, I sat on the bench and waited; often for my fellow cyclists, even my non cycling friends, and for my favorite person. Here, I waited for things to begin and for things to end. 

I waited for thursdays and occasionally a sunday, to ride the streets of the San Fernando Valley with the community of cyclists. Is it thursday yet? Sometimes I asked myself before the new week had started. Sounds like a lot of waiting. But my wait was always full of anticipation.

 vinelli gazzetta 2017 

LIFE ON BIKES// It’s been lovely riding locally, for the most part.

For me cycling has been an outlet, about meeting new people, and having a great time. Cycling is cycling regardless of how fast you can ride or how far you can go. What’s important is the small or large adventures that happen during the ride. Like pushing for that extra mile. Or a spontaneous decision to climb up Griffith because the bike path was so underwhelming. Or better yet, stopping for a blueberry donut at Doughnut Hut.


amie ro fix fixie


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